Flat dies and rollers production

We are a manufacturer and distributor of flat dies and rollers for pellet mills. We are offering our clients an wide range of products designed to match popular pellet mills. We can also manufacture custom rollers and flat dies based on our client specification.

Our offer is addressed both to large pellet plants, producing pellet on industrial scale, medium and small pellet producers, even for home-made pellet mills.

High quality, better durability

Our products are made of high quality materials and parts. Flat dies are made of high grade alloy steel with higher wear resistance, hardened up to 60HRC. This process makes them extremely reliable and durable, best for longer productivity.

Wide range of products

Our offer includes small flat dies (200, 230, 260 mm) and large, for industrial applications (850, 1000). You can choose flat dies designed for pelleting materials such as straw, hay, sawdust (hard and soft), bran, biomass and other materials.